Monday, October 31, 2005

Last Call

Shanna and Karen are typical teenaged girls - they live on their cell phones..
Well tonight Shanna is babysitting two darling children and while she and Karen talk, Shanna will recieve someone's...


Listen: Last Call (21:34, 19.8MB MP3)

Written by Chris Snyder and Erika Gilbert

Featured in the cast are:

Erika Gilbert as Ms. Ashe
Kara Dennison as Shanna
Shire Smith as Karen
Chris Snyder as Robbie
Victoria Sampson as Karen's Mother

Original music composed and realised by James Teh.

The series was produced and directed by Mark Bruzee.
Co-production and post-production by Chris Snyder.
The Executive Producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ghost County, USA

Join us on a trip down Highway 61. It's not on any map. It's a very special place where people hold on to the things of the past like its their life.

An original ONE MAN play written and performed by Chris Snyder.
Based on a song by Travesty Limited

Hound Dog - Big Mama Thorton
Hit The Road, Jack - Ray Charles
Transfusion - Nervous Norvis
That'll Be The Day - Buddy Holly
Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots - The Cheers
DOA - Blood Rock

Produced, directed and all post-production by Chris Snyder

Chris Snyder - Everyone

Listen to Ghost County, USA (23:51, 21.9MB MP3)