Thursday, July 06, 2006

And God Looked

Tonight, we'd like to take you to a place long forsaken by any benevolent spirits. It's a place where even the air is as warm and thick as blood, where things long left behind by mankind still fester, biding their time. They say God sees his whole creation. One day, he did notice a place like that...And God Looked.

Listen: And God Looked (26:52, 27.9 MB MP3, released 2006.07.06)

Written by Paul Mannering

Featured in the cast are:

Victoria Sampson as Ma Grenoull
David Bouchard as Rembrandt
Elie Hirschman as Pa Grenoull
Jim Barbour as Doctor Lourdes
Mark Kalita as Sheriff LaGrasse

Produced and directed by Mark Bruzee
Co-production by Chris Snyder
Post Production by Matt McLaren