Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Carnegie Stone

It's the year 2050 A.D., and two desperate men have just very badly bungled the robbery of a 21st century mansion. A thin, narrow-shouldered thief by the name of Larson may have killed the owner of the mansion, and his partner in crime, the fair-haired Fitzgerald, breaks a security beam, triggering the burglar alarm. They'd better hurry, because time is running out.

Listen The Carnegie Stone
(22:59, 23.6 MB mp3, released 2007.01.21)

Written by Bill Madon
Music by Kai Hartwig
Special thanks to Colonial Radio Theater

Featuring the voice talents of:
Jerry Robbins as Larson
Hugh Metzler as FitzGerald and Cop 2
J. T. Turner as Rosczech and Cop 1
James Turner as Willy
Diane Capen as The Machine Voice

The series is directed and produced by Mark Bruzee
Co-produced by Chris Snyder
Post-production by Matt McLaren
The Executive producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby